The rebirth of IO

Ranger's Log Entry #2: Tracking & Battle

Had to cut the last entry… well, I was going to say short but looking back I guess that was kind of a long entry. No wonder my hand started cramping up.

Anyway, where was I? Ah, right. Thrall had just left us. Our lost gear was uncovered and one of IO’s disciples had just given himself to me but not in that dirty way I know you’re thinking. And I have a magical golden quiver.

So there we were with slightly more information than we began with, a grave warning from that bastard reaper Thrall and no idea where we were.

(“But I thought you were in Outerhaven?” you might be thinking. Yeah, not Outerhaven. Remember how Errol was confused because he was sure his village had been destroyed and his family murdered? He was right, which meant we had no idea where we really were.)

(Have I mentioned I hate the undead? They do shitty things like that to good people. Creepy jerks.)

So for a few minuets we were kind of unsure what to do. Even if we actually had a map (something we stupidly forgot to buy in Sacna), we didn’t know where we were. So John suggested we attempt to track Thrall. Luckily for us, I’m a Ranger and tracking is something I’m fairly good at. I managed to find a set of foot prints that led away from the abandoned village so we followed them.

They led us cross country and we followed them hard. A little too hard, perhaps, as we neglected to make camp for an evening. Errol and I fell victim to exhaustion and passed out. The remaining members of our party made camp and put Maal in charge of look out. Well, Maal, who was also quite exhausted, fell asleep and I was robbed of 100 gold pieces.

Once we all had an adequate amount of rest, we continued onward until we heard ominous drumming. War drums to be more specific. Yun, Errol and I investigated these sounds and discovered a goblin camp of 30 strong. I wanted to set up a surprise attack and take them down, knowing fully well these creatures would be up to no good. My idea was shot down four to one so we continued traveling.

With a dead trail, we found a decent amount of smoke we ventured towards. The smoke, it turns out, sourced from a large city. Upon approach we discovered a caravan set up along the outskirts. The hippies sold us a map for a silver piece before we attempted to enter the city itself.

Entering the city was much harder than expected, it’s gates heavily guarded by a slew of soldiers who refused to allow us to pass. They informed us the city is actually the Capitol, Vicol, something I’m personally embarrassed I did not recognize as my brother and his family resides within its walls and I’ve been here a few times.

We told the soldiers of the goblin army, something they were personally irritated we simply avoided. They told us we could pass only if we slayed the army. Like I knew we should have done, I feel like I should point out.

So we turned around and headed back to the army’s camp, waiting for nightfall to make our attack. Errol silently took care of the guard on duty while I sent a flaming arrow into one of their tents to gain their attention. When the beasts finally figured out what was going on we engaged in battle.

Errol and I sent a number of arrows in their direction while Maal charged them, nearly killing Yun in the process. John went between healing Yun from the injuries she received, both from Maal and the ugly monsters, and hurling magical spells into battle. Errol and I each managed to damage Maal a bit but not enough to render him useless in any way and, before night’s end, we managed to slay the entire army. The chief attempt to flee but, after killing his warriors, was easily taken down and his head taken from his shoulders which excited Maal who was looking forward to collecting its head for proof of our accomplished mission.

Now we’ll be able to enter Vicol. I look forward to returning to this city. I know we’re on a mission for a god and time is, more or less, of the essence, but I think I can manage time to visit with my brother and his family and am excited to do so.



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