The rebirth of IO

Ranger Log Entry 5; WILSON!!!! AKA; Still Stranded. AKA; What Happened?

We’ve been trapped here, marooned on this godforsaken island for about a week now. Even with the amount of time that’s passed, I’m still not entirely sure what’s going on. All I know is we’re still stuck here. And we’re not alone.

While I was laying on the beach writing my last entry, our party split into two groups. Errol stayed with Sailor and me at the shore while I attempted to heal from that awful sickness. John, Yun and Maal decided to explore and scavenge the woods that grew behind our camp. John returned after a few hours, empty handed and alone. He told us he had lost Maal and Yun when the forest became pitch black. So we waited for them to return while we waited for my sickness to leave my body.

Dawn arrived and brought with it mixed tidings. The good news was that I had made a full recovery. The bad news was Yun and Maal were still missing. And now, so was Sailor.

The three of us, along with Lavin, set off towards the heart of the island, wandering trough the forests in the direction John said they had taken the previous day. After some time, the forest grew thick. And dark. So dark even Errol and I could not see.

John made use of his sun rod to bring enough light to the endless shadows. I managed to locate what seemed to be a recently traveled path and led our small party deeper into the woods. For hours I maintained sights on this path and we came no closer to finding our missing friends or the sailor.

And then, suddenly, we were not alone. From the shadows surged beasts I’ve never before seen. They were enormous, hairy and vicious animals with sharp teeth and too many arms. We tried to hold our own, John casting spells as Errol launched arrows and I went between my crossbow and my scythe.

And then everything went dark.

When I came to, my friends were no longer missing. Yun, Maal, Errol and a blue skinned John all stood about me as I awoke in a dark hut from a chair I had apparently been tied to. Upon stepping into the woods, a single fire that quickly burned illuminated a small patch of forest. Taking a closer look I found this light to be a burning, four armed animal that resembled a monkey. The same creature that had attacked us.

Assuring me our foes were no longer here, our party did what we do best. We scavenged the huts for treasure. When we came up with little but a blank letter sealed in an envelope, Yun and I hastily insisted we flee for light and the beach.

I tracked two separate paths and chose the one that appeared well used. We followed this until the trees thinned and gave way to natural light. It was there I found my wolf, who stared painfully at something we had missed. Once my eyes found it, I understood his sorrow.

The nameless sailor had been, more or less, harpooned to a tree. His murder was message enough. Yet there hung a single piece of paper to the weapon that pierced the mans chest.

“Seriously. This is the last time.”

That’s when I was informed of the reaper who had led the beasts in our captivity. He had let us all go when Yun “promised” we would relinquish our quest. I assume she was lying. I do not intend to give up. Not now. Not to a reaper.

We gave the sailor with no name a quick funeral, burning his remains there in the woods. There was little said. None of us really knew him. Still, it’s always sad to see an innocent life exterminated in such a violent manner.

We returned to our beach camp where we scavenged for food before we rested for the night.

And then we walked. For days we wandered the shore, looking for an escape from this not so desolate but still god forsaken island. And, for a while, everything was quiet. Quiet and hopeless.

Only today have we finally caught sight of hope. On the watery horizon was what appeared to be a sailing vessel of some sort. I volunteered to swim out to an old dock to get a better glimpse at it. When I was able to confirm that my eyes were not deceiving me, I called back to my friends to join me. They fastened a makeshift raft and did just that, collecting me so the five of us could reach the ship.

I write this now as we study what was once a gleam of hope in this dark week. The vessel exists, this is true. But it is battered, worn and unfit for travel.

I just want to get off of this island. Out of this ocean and back to land. We still have three pieces to uncover, at least two more reapers to face and not as much time as we had at the start.

It would be easy to give up now. To lay down our weapons and enjoy the remainder of existence. But I just can’t do that. I have a brother to avenge and my companions and I have a world to save. Not because we’re the ones who have to do it, but because we’re the only ones who will.

We just have to get out of this Chorellon Larethian damn ocean…



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