The rebirth of IO

Entry 1: The Meeting, The Reaper & Everything In Between

When we first met, we fought. Not for vengeance or in a drunken stupor, but for gold & a fleeting moment of triumph in a contest held by Martha’s Capitol city of Sacna. When I, Sage the elvin Ranger, was announced the winner, was awarded 400 gold pieces & was told to enjoy the sights & sounds of the joyful city. I soon meet with the other contestants, zooming in on the elvin Rogue Errol as we share a common race. Shortly thereafter we became somewhat aquatinted with the human Sorcerer, John, & Maal the half Orc Barbarian.
Quite suddenly the celebrations came to a screeching halt when strange trumpets rang out, causing fear & confusion within the city walls. I, the days victor, was sought out by a lady of the kingdom, who implored me to visit with the king to discuss the concerning sounds, something no one knew exactly what they meant but one thing was certain; it wasn’t good. I agreed to see the king and my new and somewhat unlikely companions accompanied me.
But we didn’t go straight to the castle. A hidden door took our interests & led us deep under ground to what appeared to us as being an abandoned town beneath the thriving Capitol. The first house we found, a crumbling three story building, begged us to explore & we did not deny our curiosity. We searched the house, finding an assortment of small treasure including a few good pieces, viles of crude healing potions & a handful of interesting rings. We also found a Choker that tried like hell to kill John but we managed to save John and I slayed the creature with my scythe.
Treasure isn’t the only thing that was discovered in the old, long abandoned house. In one incredibly dark room we discovered the human Monk, Yun, who had been bound to a chair. Wrist bracers disabled her ability to speak. When John was able to remove the magical devices, he in turn received the curse & lost his ability to speak. Even with he voice back, Yun had no clue how she ended up in such a place with the magical devices.
With Yun rescued, the five of us rejoined the world where the lady was kind of like “what the hell have you been doing? The king is waiting.”
So we finally joined the king’s company. Upon meeting the kind but somewhat confused king, we all noticed a child sized figure whose appearance he kept shielded beneath a robe. We asked the king “what’s with the abandoned city under ground?” The king seemed to know nothing of this & sent the little person down to check on it. He also knew nothing of the terrifying trumpets, but sent us to the ruins of an ancient temple to investigate a potential answer to an unclear problem.
The five of us searched the temple, finding several books in its library filled with strange languages & pictures of reptilian like creatures. We also found a secret entrance to a sub level of the temple that led us into a strange room that held four coins that resembled the four elements. We placed these coins into an alter in the center of the room and, upon doing so, were transported to, I think, someplace outside where another child sized cloaked figure greeted us around a camp fire.
The figure introduced himself to us as a disciple of IO. IO, he told us, is the great dragon god who, like his kind, has been trapped in another realm for thousands of years. As a result, the world’s resources have slowly been diminishing and has become a serious threat.
This disciple spoke of a key that is crucial to bringing IO back to our realm, thus returning Martha’s resources. This key is hidden in four pieces scattered across the surrounding continents, though he knew not where.
Concerned about the missing god and the diminishing resources, the small disciple asked us to seek out the pieces of this key, a challenge we all accepted without hesitance (at least there was no hesitance from my end. I guess I can’t really speak for my companions, but no one else seemed wary of the quest). He was also able to return John’s speech, though the bracers remain.
Once the challenge had been accepted, we found ourselves quite suddenly outside of the crumbling temple once more. Uncertain where to begin our search, we returned to the king to explain the troubles at hand and for advice. The king, who was searching for his answers through old books, knew little to nothing about IO or the pieces of the key.
Remembering the small cloaked man who was in his company, we sought him out, finding him in the dark, abandoned city below ground.
The small man turned out to be another disciple of IO who openly shared his doubts for our interesting crew but, nonetheless, supplied us as much information as he could. He knows of disciples who remain, though their whereabouts he could not say for certain beyond a particular “fiery” disciple last seen in the Capitol city of Vicol, a place that was once under Dwarf rule though war may have changed this. He also seemed confident a piece of each key can be found in each Capitol in the four surrounding continents.
Having a place to at least begin our search, we returned to the king and asked for supplies. The king graciously gave us each 8 days worth of rations & a horse.
We rode all day and all night and, from there, we kept riding. Upon reaching the stone bridge that connects the middle continent with the one to the south west, we realized we had ridden our horses a little too far so we found them some water & spent a night before attempting to cross the long bridge.
The next day the horses, though still weary, were well enough to travel and so we embarked the crossing of the bridge. We met nightfall approximately half way across & we set up camp to allow the animals rest. Unfortunately, in the dead of night, we were attacked by a band of goblins who blew up the bridge before we could take them down.
We plummeted to what seemed would be certain death but were rescued by an elf fisherman named Thrall who pulled us all to safety where he took us to his hut and, though we were all in and out of consciousness, fed us stew.
Upon waking, Thrall, seemingly concerned about our well being, implored us to stay with him in his village and eat his stew. He also informed us our gear had not survived the plunge into the water which I found disheartening. When I decided to wander to the beach to search for our possessions, Errol made a confusing discovery; the village we had been taken to was once his home, a place called Outerhaven. The weird thing about this village was that, despite how it seemed to thrive, was thought to have burned to the ground. He found it even more shocking when his young daughter and wife joyously came running to him, mostly because he thought them to be dead.
While Errol reunited with his family, Yun & I searched the beach for our items to no avail so we returned to Thrall’s but where we ate his stew and slept.
The following morning, I felt somewhat ill. Not right in the head, as it were. I didn’t think much of it until I realized that everyone in the village seemed to be replaying the previous day in a manner too exact to seem right. Thrall insisted we remain in Outerhaven to rest, relax and eat. Errol continued to stay with his family while Yun, Maal & I returned to the beach to continue our search for our things. We did not find anything but I did find a strange blueish pink moss growing near the waters, something I recognized as being somewhat poisonous. Which is when I really got suspicious about things. I informed my friends of the moss and both Maal and I stopped eating the stew.
Yun bothered a woman doing laundry who didn’t think anything strange was going on. Not even Errol, though confused, thought anything was wrong. So Yun and Errol kept eating the stew.
Day three rolled around and I was feeling much better but Yun and Errol felt a bit off (I told them not to eat the stew!). My suspicious about Thrall began to arise when I realized he was the only person in Outerhaven who wasn’t doing everything he had done the previous days verbatim. Yun grew suspicious when the laundry lady didn’t remember her. Errol became suspicious when Thrall did not know a fisherman the Rogue recalled from days past, a fisherman who should be easily remembered by all Outerhaven residents.
The five of us gathered that night in Thrall’s hut, attempting to come up with a plan. Maal ripped a leg off the table to use as a weapon while Errol’s wife brought us food which, as delicious as it looked, I found to be tainted with the poisonous moss.
That’s when we noticed a sole fire blazing in the near distance. Upon inspection we found Thrall sitting alone at a camp fire. As we approached he slowly clapped, giving me the final hint that he was not who he said or appeared to be.
He played the “I gave you what you wanted” card before mistaking me for one of him which, now that I think about it, is a little confusing and insulting. If I had my longbow or scythe at the time, I would have taken the breath from his body once he revealed himself as a reaper.
Thrall informed us he and his kind are aware of our quest. His god, Nurul, does not want us to succeed and the reapers will do whatever it takes to stop us. Which didn’t exactly stop us from pressing on. He also informed us our supplies were hidden in the village (which was not Outerhaven, nor did any of its citizens exist).
Before he could vanish, Maal attempted to attack Thrall who easily struck the half orc down and rendered our companion unconscious.
Errol had a time out for a few minuets, trying to digest the fact his family had been taken from him a second time. I felt bad for him. I’m sure we all did. I mean, loosing your family sucks. I can’t imagine having someone play a mind trick on you like that. “Here’s your loving family, alive and well! Just kidding!” What a dick. This is one of the many reasons I hate the undead.
The four of us searched for our things and found our back packs. We gave Maal a green potion that seemingly did nothing. The redish pink potion worked well enough to bring him to consciousness & we continued our hunt for our weapons. After finding them, we found a hidden passageway that led us under one of the huts. There we found, after a brief search, another disciple tied to a chair.
This disciple I noticed was almost gold in color as he told us that, to bring back IO, he could not exist. He offered himself to me and, when he came in for a hug, turned into flames. The flames consumed me and I was transported to the camp fire.
When my companions caught up to me, they found me to be well. They also found me equipped with a golden quiver that gives me unlimited “fire” arrows, something I acquired when the disciple gave himself to me (not like that. I know what you’re thinking).



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